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How to use Bluebox

Read these instructions before handling any Blueboxes.

Before the event


See OResults/Organize if you are interested in renting Blueboxes for your event.

Turn on the units

Blueboxes are turned on by a switch located on the side.


An external antenna must be attached to the side of each unit before turning it on.

Charge the Bluebox

The battery life of one Bluebox is approximately 20 hours, so it will last for two standard weekend stages on a single charge.


Make sure that the Blueboxes are properly charged before each event.

The Blueboxes are charged using the micro USB connector located under the cover on the side of each unit. Use the charger provided in the rental set. In case you want to use your own charger, it must have a nominal output voltage of 5V.

On the day of the event

Placement of the units

One Bluebox is capable of receiving punch records from up to 8 SI-SRR stations (see How to set up a radio control)


Blueboxes must be placed at approximately the same height as the SI stations at a maximum distance of 2 metres to ensure reliable detection of punch records.


Blueboxes can be snapped onto a standard SI-BSF8 station holder. You can be placed the units on the same control stand as the SI station or on a separate control stand alongside as it is shown in the pictures.


See Device monitoring