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Create and manage an event

Let's take a look on how to easily create and manage events in OResults.

Create an account for organizers

If you don't have one yet, create a free OResults account for organizers (see registration). Your account will allow you to log in to the OResults admin section.

The rest of the manual is devoted to the admin section, which can only be accessed by a logged-in OResults user.

My events

You can see all your events in My events tab from where you can create a new event and access event settings.


Result tables of an unpublished event can be accessed by clicking on the event name in My events section.

Event settings

General settings

This section is used to set essential information such as:

  • Event name
  • Organizer
  • Date and start time
  • Timezone
  • Place
  • GPS coordinates

You must set whether the event is a relay event or not.

The last setting is to set the event as published so it will appear on the OResults event page.

You must upload Start list, Courses and Results files in supported formats (more about supported formats here) to properly display event results.

In this section you can also find your event API key which is used to automatically upload the start list and results. For more information about automatic upload, see OResults Connector.


You can easily create QR Code with a link to your event using the QR Code button.

Supported formats

Start list and Results are only supported in IOF XML 3.0 format.


Start list and Results must contain card numbers in <ControlCard> tags.

  • Runners without a card number are ignored.

Courses are supproted in OCAD V8 format text file format and IOF XML 3.0.


Courses are preferred in OCAD V8 format which is much smaller and more suitable for uploading than IOF XML 3.0.

Setup radio controls

Select all radio controls. The radio controls will automatically appear in their respective classes in the results tables.


Finish control is selected automatically whether you have it as a radio control or not. Finish control must have a code lower than 30.

Assign Bluebox devices

You can open the table with available Bluebox devices using the switch in the Radio devices section.

Monitor Bluebox devices

You can monitor assigned Bluebox devices and punch records traffic in the Radio devices section as shown in the picture. For more information about monitoring see Device monitoring.