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Live feed for commentators

Live feed is a simple tool that helps an event commentator quickly and easily see all incoming split times and results.

Everyone can access the live feed in the event results.


Don't be alarmed that some rows have more columns than others. The number of columns is always class specific.



  • Display limit: how many latest punch records is shown in the table
  • Class: filter classes which you see in the table
  • Controls: filter which controls you see in the table
  • Search by name or club: full-text search across results


Each row of the table belongs to one competitor. The most recent punch records are displayed in the first row.

The first column displays the class name.

The second column displays competitor's name and club/team.

The following columns contain the competitor's split times. The intermediate time columns are progressively filled in as the competitor goes through the radio controls.

If a competitor visits new radio controls, his row is moved to the top of the table.

The last column contains the clearance information (OK, Disqualified and Unread).

If a competitor appears in first, second or third place at any of the radio controls, the split time is coloured with corresponding colour as shown in the picture.


You can easily filter the classes by clicking on the class name in the row of any competitor.