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MeOS Online Protocol (MOP)

MeOS Online Protocol (MOP) allows publishing of results, split times and start lists from MeOS orienteering software to the Internet (in our case to OResults).


If you are using MeOS, there is no need to setup startlists, courses, results and radio controls in the OResults admin section

Everything can be done directly from MeOS.

Go to Service tab in your MeOS and open Results Online where you can set all necessary information of your event as shown in the picture.

Important Settings

  • Send to the web:
  • Password: Api key which can be found in the admin section of your OResults event
  • Competition ID number: can be left empty (not used)
  • Compress large files (zip): unchecked (not yet supported)
  • Time interval (seconds): 0 (recommended, but it depends on your needs)
  • Export format: MeOS Online Protocol XML 2.0

Start time of your OResults event must be the same as the start time in MeOS.

Finally, set up all your radio controls.


Once the service is running on MeOS, you can check that everything is set up correctly in the OResults admin section.